About Us

We are THE WELLNESS Experts

Hubble fitness is the brainchild of a group of scholars and fitness professionals who were struggling to find sustainable fitness solutions in the health and wellness world. Here at hubble fitness we believe that integrating wholesome nutrition and activities into your lifestyle is the key to enduring fitness

Hubble fitness focuses on providing lasting solutions for the clients rather than quick fixes. Here quality matters over quantity. Hence we ensure that each one of our clients are provided with sustainable nutritional plans devoid of deprivation. No food or food groups are demonized. And most importantly clients are encouraged to practice mindfulness when it comes to nourishing their body

Our activity plans are designed by experienced instructors making sure that they align well with your lifestyle and fitness desires. At hubble fitness we try to stay away from the ‘Traditional’ workouts and focus more on fun activities and exercises to attain desired fitness. We apply this method so that all our clients can integrate exercise into their lives no matter where they are in the world

We Help You Stay Healthy

The Trainers

Bipin fitness trainer


Bipin is specialised in reversing lifestyle diseases and the damages caused by it. He is adept in tailoring workout designs as per individual requirements. Bipin is a scholar in Exercise biomechanics. Qualifications Pursuing PhD in Sports Biomechanics BPE & MPE ( LNCPE Trivandrum) Fitness Instructor (SAI LNCPE) Lifestyle Disease Specialist Expertise Athletic Training , Diet & Nutrition for lifestyle disease Strength Training , Fitness Training HIIT , Posture Assessment and Correction, Training plan design, Postnatal Fitness Training, Mini Games